Friday, March 26, 2010

Local Norwegian Artist Selling Paintings!

Kjartan Hermansen, a.k.a my hubby, is selling a few more of his older art pieces and has posted them online here . I love his work - not because I am biased, but he actually has poems with most of his paintings and I learned to "never ask an artist what their paintings mean, it's your interpretation that's important".

He will be working on more when we are back in Canada. He has sold many paintings before, but it's been a bit cramped here lately, in this apartment, for him to paint proper. It's nice visiting friends and seeing paintings hanging up. Others are in offices that I will never get to go see, but I can enjoy a lot of them on his website at, along with his poetry :)



Rockinon said...

Cruising down your blog I learn that it just gets better, Canada's artist population is growing by two, you plus your husband Kjartan Hermansen. Wonderful!

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