Saturday, March 6, 2010

On My Way To Zeromancer!

I would say this is Norway's answer to the American band "Orgy", which I also love.

I recall standing at church with my gramma beside me; we were bored so she asked me to write down things I wanted for Christmas and I wrote "Orgy album" and as the priest said "Now, lets now bow our heads and pray" my gramma looked at my list and in the loudest whisper said "Orgy!?".

Everyone looked us and we just had to chuckle. I miss that lady so much!

Well, I best be out! :)

Here is my semi confusion picture we were taking tummy shots for tomorrow, it seems to fit.

I will also add a Zeromancer track for your enjoyment! They do the best cover of "Send me an Angel".  I will let you know how they are live :D


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