Monday, March 15, 2010

Stavanger Expats | Gluten-Free with Me!

 Stavanger Expats, an award winning expat site based in Stavanger, Norway is wonderfully put together by a good friend of mine (I will miss dearly) Fonda Lashay! A few of us girls got together over a couple meetings and chipped away at finding easier and better accessible information for expats or foreigners coming into this city for the first time. Based on our experiences and research, we've tried to fill the site up with as much knowledge that we know and could possibly find out, and the information just keeps on flowing!

Accompanied by a very helpful forum to boot! There seems to be more members joining and more questions to be asked so keep the questions and discussions flowing!  The Stavanger Expats recently received an email about Gluten-free eating in Norway as it was perfect timing for me to write and actually finish it (with all this packing and craziness to find time of course!)

If you are new to the area or just want to give us some helpful information about the city to add to the site, let us know! If you are Norwegian, and can give us some tips or if you want to promote your company check out Stavanger Expats and contact Fonda!

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