Thursday, March 18, 2010

Prinny the Swimming Cat...By Choice?

We don't actually witness the cat willingly jump into the water, in fact I don't think this Persian enjoys it too much. Prinny finally manages to get out of the pool... I must say I was surprised of their mad swimming skills! But, unfortunately I don't believe that this kitty loves to swim. What do you think?

Prinny is an adorable Persian cat from Austrialia and is sweet as pie!



SockBoy said...

I agree, I don't think this cat jumps in on its own free will. :|

moxy said...

Poor thing! I'm with you - the cat is swimming because it would drown otherwise lol It constantly tries to get out, and even has a flash of fear when it doesn't make its attempts. My heart went out for sure here. <3

Unknown said...

I know! I wanted to believe it so much that they jumped in at their own free will. But, alas! Poor Prinny!


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