Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nintendo Murals in Norway = A Hidden Gem!

Last weekend while we were in Kristiansand while we visited the animals at the zoo, on our off time we enjoyed visiting the basement of our hotel!  We were so surprised and fascinated to discover what the "Children's playroom" had to offer!  We found ourselves grabbing a couple controllers and  playing a little Nintendo wii while having a little down and dandy time on the classic, N64! I really want to post these Murals of amazingness to Mandiemoon, Sockboy, Moxy and Endoplasmic and all the others who could appreciate these lovely paintings on the wall! These are dedicated to you! I love them! :D

(Wario is on the Men's bathroom door, and Princess Peach on the Woman's ;) 



Capitan Crazy Poopy Pants said...

Holy crap those are beautiful!

SockBoy said...

Nice, those are very cool. :)

Jay said...

OMG my boys would completely lose their minds in that room! They are all about anything Mario related. I wish I could show this to them, but then I would be committed to making their rooms look like this...and that's not going to happen ;-)

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