Monday, March 1, 2010

Olympics Come to a Close... Can I Cry Now?

I find myself twiddling my fingers with just the thought of what I will watch tonight instead of the Olympics. After all, after 2 weeks things become a habit and this one is tougher to break than I thought (I should be packing)!

Last night was a beautiful end to our Olympic games and that USA vs. Canada game was so intense, I actually developed short term tourrettes (which I usually adopt for any exciting/stressful situation) and screamed a bunch of interesting quotes and profanities like "Suck it in, 61!" and the crowd favourite "Shut your mouth in my face!"

Neil Young ... wow,that was amazing! The closing ceremony (what I have caught so far) looked wonderful, but I will watch more of it this evening as I "Tivo'ed" it (without using an actual Tivo).

I really wish I could have witnessed Richmond Street in London, Ontario, or Younge Street in Toronto or, preferrably, Vancouver - running into the streets in Olympic celebration. I would have painted my face with a flag or designed a really pretty Canadian Flag Dress.

OR - my awesome Curling bathing suit idea, with the stone across the chest with the handle going into a one side strap, fusing with a white one-piece strip that goes down the front of the belly representing ice and branches out, forming the bulls eye. However, I decided that would fit better on the back end and wouldn't be too trashy.

I'd wear it for a curling centerfold. Something that is similar to this one, but better at the top :D

Do you sort of see my idea? You heard it here first! Buy some memorable mittens to smile or cry into while you also deal with this sense of loss. :)


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