Monday, March 29, 2010

Moving Home to Canada Tomorrow!

Tonight is a fun-filled time for packing and playing "how much can we fill and stay below 23kg!?". If you go over, you fail - and have to put it into another bag. The main challenge is to guess how much every small item weighs, and see if you are right! It's quite exciting once you get into it, as packing and repacking is not so much fun itself.

We also have to get the cats ready to move. We have these awesome packs we bought online, called "Dry Fur", which is a airline package for animals and it's amazing!

It comes with these pads that will keep them dry for the whole trip, non-spill water and food dishes, stickers that say "live animals" and information about them - like checking a box that says "I bite" or "I am friendly and love people" ... and of course, some temporary tags. You can get them online here! They come in various sizes for different-sized kennels and boxes.

Hopefully they enjoy their flight, too :)


Cait said...

Cant wait till you're home!

SockBoy said...

The van's all clean for tomorrow's pick-up. :) See you then!

Unknown said...

Cait! Can't wait to see you too!

Sockboy, thanks again for picking us up! :D See you!


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