Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Marina and the Diamonds - The Family Jewels = The Best Album of 2010.

I finally got to sit down and listen to Marina and the Diamonds first full debut album "The Family Jewels" and I am so impressed! WOW! I would crown Marina with the best album of 2010 so far, in my opinion (and yours too!) All the tracks are strong and extremely catchy. She has a great music team behind her as I just LOVE the production of this album!

It was released on February 22nd and unfortunately slipped through my brain cracks which was unfortunate, but I wanted to give her the proper spotlight she deserves.

I want to see Marina and the Diamonds live! It could be quite possible now, moving back to Canada and close to Toronto. She should make a stop in London if she knew how awesome a crowed we can be!

There is not one song on this album I don't like. That's a big deal. 

I'm going to buy this album.  You should check it out too! You won't regret it. Seriously.
I am going to add the track called "Oh No!" which sounds like she worked with some samples from RATATAT.

What do you think?


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