Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rest In Peace: Patrick Swayze!

Wow, what can I say ... I am in a different time zone, but this morning I learned that none other than the super talented Patrick Swayze has passed, aged 57. I was thinking about him Sunday night as I was watching Hale & Pace (hilarious British duo) do a rendition of the Chippendale's.

And then I thought about the SNL version of Patrick Swayze and Chris Farley doing a version of their own and thought; Wow - I love Patrick ... too bad Chris Farley died at that point. And NOW they are both gone.

Patrick was epic - I fell in love with him in "Ghost". I wanted to be his best friend to witness him rip a guy's throat out with his bare hands in "Roadhouse". Not to mention his wonderful ways of "Dirty Dancing".

I've never met Swayze, but he looked like a very down-to-earth man. A very gentle soul (the horses love him :)

He was still married to his wife (married since 1975 like my parents) and had solid morals. He died quietly and in peace, with his family there - and I think he was ready to say goodbye. Well - he did it with grace.

I guess we can start singing "oooooh myyyyy loveeee ... my darlin'" He might just appear, now :)

Rest in peace, you brilliant man. I am so happy to have lived and experienced your amazingness within your lifetime.

Check out this awesome track from Patrick; "She's Like The Wind", below.

We'll miss you, Mr. Swayze!



Cait said...

How did I NOT know he sang that song?

Unknown said...

I know! It's truly an epic piece, isn't it?


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