Friday, December 11, 2009

Alicia Keys: The Element of Freedom

Spotify has a pre-listening compaign of Alicia Keys' new tracks from "Element of Freedom" and I must say; my soul is in love with this album.

My favourite song, which is also her single, is "Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart". Such great lyrics and melodically brilliant, stringing through the chords (another track I wish I wrote).

All the songs are so strong throughout this elemental musical journey. I've been listening to the new album since Monday, when it became official to listen to it, and I wanted to take my time - as there are a lot of different elements (I guess you could say) within Alicia's work.

I first loved her when she came out with "Songs in A Minor" in 2001. It reminded me a lot of September 11th, as it was an inspiring album and Ms. Keys was my musical muse and companion when I was learning singing techniques. It was a period of my left where I spent a lot of time around NYC and Brooklyn recording with producers there.

Alicia's voice is so pure and raw. No auto-tuning or anything synthetic about this R&B soul. She captures sounds of Prince, especially in my favourite track (watch the video below) and in "This Bed". She even has a broken down version of "Empire State of Mind", which is also an incredible track.

One song whose lyrics I really enjoyed was "Wait Til You See My Smile". The lyrics are so wicked and yet so simple; "Ooooooooooooooh - Wait til you see my smile...". The bass is low and powerful, driving this track through that line.

The production is fantastic. I love it! She has to win a Grammy for this work. She strums my heart strings with this new album. Alicia gives me proper and full-on chills and goosebumps, especially with the song "Love is my Disease". Yeah, wow.

I think I will have no problem purchasing this one and I think it was a smart move that they offered it free for me to listen to on Spotify before the release, as it wouldn't be something I would not go out and look for.

This will be another staple in the vast cd collection here. Check the full album on Spotify and get your copy when it comes out December 15th.

You won't regret it - seriously :)


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