Sunday, December 6, 2009

Starbrook Airlines!

Speaking of Belgium (yesterday), I came across the most tasty of Belgian chocolates last week. They are called "Starbrook Airlines", which is a made-up airline company, with the most natural and full-bodied taste of real, proper chocolate.

These first class frequent flyers make flying look so sensual and dream-like. It actually seems to calm, and also excite me to fly in 11 days.

Let's hope I also get off the plane, draped in millions of dollars worth of jewelry, and the sexiest unwrinkled evening dress on the market. Walking out of a plane looking like a bazillion bucks ;)

All the brilliant oil paint and watercolour illustrations are all beautifully painted by Belgian artist Jaak De Koninck, a.k.a. Jack Learoy (1950). He seemed to have a passion for air hostesses and anything to do with flying.

Most of Mr. Learoy's work was stamp-sized, and some pieces you can still see in the Belgian airport of Zaventem. Jack's imaginary airline can be seen on these wonderfully wrapped, decadent tasting, chocolates.

I prefer the dark chocolate, and it is probably the most tasty dark chocolate I have ever tried. Seriously.

I really want one of these tins so I can put my recipes or other stuff in ...

The art is lovely, and it would be cool to own one of his nostalgic art pieces. I feel guilty opening up these chocolates to try them, as they are that pretty!

If you come across these Starbrook Airline chocolates on your travels, I guarantee you'll melt over them :)


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