Sunday, December 20, 2009

Norwegian Gløgg!

Last night, we gave our family and friends here in Canada the opportunity to try a Norwegian traditional Christmas drink. The drink smells like Christmas in a cup with hot cinnamon and evergreen trees.

We cut up some almonds and threw raisins in the mix, as is customary back in Norway. You can make it with water, wine or even vodka, but we usually make it with red wine, mixed 2 parts wine and 1 part gløgg - served piping hot.

I can only handle so much, but it warms my heart! I've never seen a gløgg mix here in Canada before, but I hope to find it at some point. I personally like to sample a little eggnog for Juletide Cheer. If you haven't already tried this Norwegian treat, try it this season!


Fonda LaShay said...

oh i had some for the first time finally! it does have a evergreen hint! that is what it was - i could not pin point it! it was good.. i need to work up to downing a whole cup of it though! lol... but will for sure have to send some home next christmas!

Unknown said...

I totally can't drink a whole cup to myself neither. I think it's a Norwegian acquired taste, if you ask me ;)You better be having a wonderful Christmas holiday over there miss! :D
See you soon!


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