Monday, December 28, 2009

Tired City!

After a day and night of long travel I am finally back to my other home in Stavanger, Norway to ring in the New Year - Norwegian style! Perhaps I can celebrate twice? Once at midnight here, and once at 6 am for Canada and everyone else rocking the Eastern time.

Christmas was wonderful at my parents. Makes me a little homesick, but I know soon enough we will be back there again. :D

On a flying note, make sure you give yourself some extra time at the Frankfurt airport in Germany, as I believe it is one of humankind's ultimate labyrinths and can only be successfully navigated quickly by the locals.

Perhaps if I had David Bowie by my side, things would have been a heck of a lot easier, and I am sure he would also have enough pull to skip all the crazy lines in Passport Control and Security for us.

They make some great fresh mango passion fruit smoothies once you got through, though!


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