Wednesday, December 16, 2009

GelaSkins | Mobile Art

Gelaskins is a great way of protecting your phones, laptops, DS Lites and iPods in style. I've been a proud owner of 2 iPhones, as one is my Canadian and one is my Norwegian phone, so I didn't have to go through the hassle of switching the cards around all the time.

But, now I will be parting with one of them, as a friend is in need a a new phone asap, and will be giving it away before I leave.

I have to give it to Gelaskins for their wicked long protection life. When I felt like a new phone, I just switched the back picture and voila! Something new and pretty to look at.

As you can see I have also protected my laptop (of what life he has left after his wine incident).

They have really expanded their selection and have a really good roster full of talented people.

I recently discovered my new love for Kukula (picture- left and right), which reminds me a bit of my favourite, local Canadian artist, Angelina Wrona (the girl riding the swan on my phone is also by Kukula).

The other artist on the phone that will soon be departing my life is by Amy Sol, who creates the cutest animals with the same girl in each theme (see other ones by her, below).

I am also feeling the artist Audrey Kawasaki (very top picture) and will consider getting with these artists again in the future. The great thing about these for the iPhone; they allow me to download wallpaper themes accenting the whole phone.

The quality is undeniably amazing. When I peel the gelaskins, not one scratch on the back. It's like brand new every time.

This company is based out of Toronto, Canada (yay!) and it is so cheap to send these around the world. As it costs about $13 to $15 dollars to ship internationally. Right now they offer if you spend $50 dollars (which could be way too easy on there) they offer free shipping :)


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