Monday, December 21, 2009

Back 2 MAC Makeup Recycling Program and How to Depot Your Eyeshadow or Blush.

This past summer, I switched to a MAC Pro palette, available only on Ebay at the time. Still - a great place to find the empty palettes if you don't have a MAC Pro stand-alone store in your area.

I was finally brave enough to try and depot my eyeshadow and blush collection. As you can see there are 18 empties, and I was a little skeptical about the MAC makeup recycling policy.

So, I waited until 10 am rolled around to try out MAC's LIVE CHAT, as I didn't want to walk in the store with a bag full of these - slightly embarrassed, perhaps looking like a complete douche.

I asked the very helpful MAC representative the following questions, hoping that it answers some of your questions as well. I saved the transcript, but I will get right to business here;

Elle: I was wondering about returning old depotted eye shadows and blushes, as I have 18 that I just depotted yesterday, and I was wondering if you still had that recycling policy?

Elle: and does it matter if the plastic is warped or melted at the bottom?

For privacy reasons, I am just going to name my help "MAC Cosmetics Online Artist"

MAC Cosmetics Online Artist: You are able to recycle depotted eye shadows for our Back 2 MAC program. It's fine that the plastic is melted some.

Elle: Ok and do you also accept blush containers as well?

MAC COA: Yes we do.

Elle: What is the rewards program like how many do you have to have and what can you receive?

MAC COA: The expanded Back to MAC program is available at MAC free-standing retail store locations. You need 6 empty containers to recycle. You will have the option of choosing from 3 product categories (Lipsticks, Clear or Tinted Lipglass or a Small Eye Shadow, excluding all Viva Glam products). The standard Back to MAC program still applies to MAC counter locations, where you can receive a free Lipstick only.

I hope that helped some of you. Getting the answers right from MAC made me feel confident about returning these tomorrow. The palettes are great to free up some space and keep your makeup bag neat and organized. You can also buy the eyeshadow pans, which are cheaper and hassle-free from depotting your other colours.

I will also share a helpful video that was very beneficial to me if you are also stuck in the transition of moving your older colours towards the palette route.



Mary Ann said...

heyooooo....very cool! mac has the best eye pigments! Good thing you have some free spaces left in that palette, because I think you need to add "plumage" because that would look awesome and scrumptious olive (although I'm starting to think its actually called sumptious....because i just tried googling it. oh how embarrasing, I've been calling it scrumptious.)And for dramatics, you need "bitter"...and the gold one whose name i forget.
Wow. I get embarrasingly excited about make up.
Anyway, I don't have a palette. but I want one now.
Anyway, keep up the great blogs, you're my only "regular" blog that writes a new post EVERYDAY. everyone else is only new on Mondays. I read you with my morning tea and croissant, right after sorting mail. :-)

The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after said...

The genius of brilliant customer service that also aids the environment. You know all the pertinent information a girl needs. Thanks for sharing.
Warmest regards and all the very best for the season and in the new year.

Unknown said...

Mary Ann!

Those are some wicked colours! Plumage is a very pretty blue, but I secretly wish that shade was called scrumptious Olive. I would buy that colour solely on the name! Was the gold one called "Woodwinked?" also a lovely must-have! :D I like your choices. I've never tried "bitter" before neither! Makes me so happy you read this everyday :D I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas over there!

Hey Simone!
The sales lady was awesome and I got all the bases covered. You can also bring 6 empty lipglasses and get free stuff! It's such a great idea, and it also gets me back there and buying at least one thing extra. I like the Back 2 MAC plan! Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year as well!


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