Monday, December 7, 2009

Renaa Restaurant Goes Gluten-Free for Me!

Saturday night turned out to be such a wonderful night! I personally thanked Mr. Svein Erik Renaa himself for him and his kitchen staff going out of their way to make me alternative gluten-free dishes without cutting any corners on quality and service.

I cannot tell you how wonderful the potatoes tasted. The portabello mushrooms were so juicy and the salmon was full of taste. All 5 courses were so freaking delicious, I will be making my way back there very soon. I did not once look for salt and pepper, as everything was properly seasoned.

It was also pretty cool to see celebrity Chef, Hellstrøm (the Norwegian counterpart of Gordon Ramsay) there, trying out the new restaurant and making good judgment (I am sure) - so my review is miniscule compared to his word. But still, every little review helps :)

He was in town (along with a couple of other celebrities also eating there) to do a Norwegian version of MasterChef though, so maybe he was just enjoying the good food as well.

Here is my version, of eating grapes that could be a part of the next installment of naked ingredients. I call this one "Awkward eating 101" If you are in the Stavanger, Norway area, definitely stop at Renaa Restaurant.

Your tastebuds will be thanking you ;)


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