Thursday, December 3, 2009

Does Anyone Remember Jim Henson's The Christmas Toy?

With Christmas fast approching, I like to think of some good, favorite movies from way back. I have already mentioned how much I loved watching Michael Jackson's Moonwalker on a daily basis, but I also loved watching this 1986 Christmas movie called "The Christmas Toy" by Jim Henson.

Mr. Henson had a scary undertone when it came to his imaginitive projects. I loved the movie "The Dark Crystal" which was one of the most amazing movies to date in my opinion. But, unfortunately I couldn't find too many clips on Youtube, except for the most scariest part of the whole Christmas movie where the mouse meets "Meteora, Queen of the Asteroids!".

Small doll faces that talk haunt my dreams. Unfortunately, I only have this on a taped VHS in Canada, so I think I want to go on a hunt for the DVD version, which hopefully exists in some obscure Ebay back alley.

Have you ever seen this Jim Henson production?

To give you an idea and refresh your memory, enjoy this 30 second "scary" clip below :)

UPDATE: You Can Buy this amazing movie on DVD here! Going to buy that right now...


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