Saturday, December 26, 2009

First blog video with Canon FS200!

This video is a very first take (obviously) and a little dark due to bad lighting on my end, but I was trying the camera out for the first time. The video was an awful mess on my part, which is why I wanted to keep it! Super tired from a long day of shopping and Christmas festivities!

Here is my sexy new camera in a sparkly cinnamon red colour! Pretty excited to bring you videos this new year!


Daniel said...

Funny! ;)

kate said...

you are by far the CUTEST!

Jay said...

im looking for a vid cam too. how easy was it to upload this to youtube from your new cam?

Unknown said...

You are all so sweet! :D

As far as this cam goes, it's super easy with the SD card and an external card reader. It's almost too easy, that I might accidently upload a wrong video one day! ;)


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