Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Returning Mac Makeup Depotted Eyeshadow and Blush pots = Success!

I was a little shy walking into the MAC store today, but instantly felt love from one of the MUAs, greeting me with a big smile and open arms for my bag of empties. She just asked me how many I was returning and explained what I could get for them right off the bat.

So, I decided on getting an eye colour I have wanted for a while called "Deep Truth", which is a stunning blue, that is not quite as purple-tinted as "Contrast", which is also lovely. I also got "Idol Eyes", which was a lustre finish in a purpleish silver to offset a smokey eye, being a chameleon working with almost any shade.

I also picked up "Lychee Luxe" which is a stunning pink/coral which will really make summer lips pop and is very wearable for most skin types, not being too much into the coral orange spectrum. I also went for "Love Alert", which was a pretty close match to a recent gift (last night) I got from my friend (thanks Klaves!), which contained a colour in their 2009 holiday lipglass/dazzleglass kit called "Totally It". It was actually a part of the Fafi collection, also meaning it was a limited edition shade. Since they didn't have it separately, I felt that this shade in dazzleglass was a great duplicate for the need of the bright but wearable, almost fuchsia pink.

I am cleaning and reorganizing my makeup bag, as I got a wonderful makeup bag set from my cousin Nikki. She knows what colour combination I like and my love for French baroque design way too well. We pretty much love the exact same things, so it's freaky - but awesome. I thank her for that too! :)

In the end, I got 3 things that I wanted and bought one more gloss. It was very easy to return and hassle free. It's a wonderful program and I am happy to keep buying from them - and I will.


Ina said...

I've only discovered MAC in the last couple of years, and I adore their products! The Back to MAC program is such a great idea. I'm already planning which lipstick to get when it's time to return the empties :)

Will we see you guys in Kristiansand on Sunday?

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