Saturday, January 30, 2010

Albino Otter in Norway?

NRK News, here in Norway, is reporting a sighting of may be an Albino Otter, although they are debating whether it could be an escaped Minx or a very large ferret. However, it seems much too large for a Minx - and the man who captured this furry creature on video, said that it had the behavior of an Otter (I hope!).

Apparently, it was sliding on the snow and playing outside - and devoured the 5 pound salmon he hung up for it in minutes. It had also made off with all the birdfeed they'd left out.

The story is in Norwegian but if you click here, you can see the cute furry albino friend enjoying a day in the snow!


Mason Canyon said...

It's very cute and loved the video.

Unknown said...

Isn't it adorable!? :D


Tai Ferret said...

It's an American mink.

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