Saturday, January 23, 2010

Gluten-Free and Dangerous: Dietary Specials Mozzarella & Tomato Pizza

And when I say dangerous, I mean that in a very good way! I finished the whole Mozzarella and Tomato pizza by Dietary Specials in one sitting today, which I am not very proud of - but it was a North American tasting pizza that my taste buds were missing.

I filled a very big and long-awaited void in my life today, and didn't spare any of it to waste (or save for later).

I was VERY impressed with this crust, as it was a nice change to my homemade pizza, which is also good - but it's nice to switch it up from time to time.

Dietary Specials also carries an insane amount of gluten-free products. I almost shed a tear at the vast choices I could potentially get my hands on. One of the other products I have had is the tortellinis, which are also meat-filled and surprisingly tasty for gluten-free as well :D

I am quite happy with the amount of gluten-free products coming out of the UK. They seem to know what is going on, along with the Swedes over here ;)

Now I will be officially on the hunt for more from this quality tasting brand. The mozzarella probably wasn't the best choice for me, being lactose intolerant - but it was well worth it! Check out their other products, as am sure they will please many of you and your taste buds, gluten-free living or not! They even offer you great recipes! I love this brand!

Oh my! I see they even have chicken pies!!! I must find a way to fly them in somehow! ;)


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