Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My New Favourite Show? Cougar Town!

Since I'm living in Norway, it takes a little time for shows to make their way over here. However, after the first episode, I was hooked and needed all the episodes I could get. I am updated now :D

Courtney Cox, as her character named Jules, is hilarious in her new sitcom. She plays a 40 year old, newly divorced, single lady, who decides to sell real estate in Florida. Meanwhile, her ex-husband still hangs around the house as if nothing has happened, but lives on his "Jealous Much?" boat in a parking lot.

Her best friend Ellie, played by Christa Miller (Drew Carey Show, Scrubs) is her next door neighbour and best friend, who is up on all of Jules business and vice versa.

Jules Cobb is introduced to the new dating scene while still raising her 17 year old son, which causes a lot of good laughs and awkward moments.

I am really happy to learn that Cougar Town has been confirmed for a second season, because it's fantastic! I was seriously surprised at how funny and great this show really is. They have 7 really strong characters that do an awesome job - and I love them all! Keep up the LOL's!

Have you watched Cougar Town yet? If you haven't, you should get into it!

Here is a good solid preview of the show, below!


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