Friday, January 29, 2010

Small Canadian Underwear Company Owns Rights To iPad!

It's being reported that there is a very long list of iPad-rights in just about every country already, so whoever was hired for name research at Apple should be fired! (no, just kidding) - but what about lesser known iPad apps; bra inserts and shoulder pads?

Well, this small Canadian company out of Markham, Ontario, created a small company called "Coconut Grove Pads" Inc. has been making a line of polyurethane bra inserts and shoulder pads registered as the iPad, since 2007.

Coconut Grove's president, Hylton Karon, described the products as; "you know, little quickies you ladies use to enhance".

Unfortunately for Apple Inc., some critics are making an association between the iPad and another intimate accessory.

After the new Apple gadget made its debut Wednesday, Twitter feeds and blogs flooded with people mocking the name because it evoked a certain feminine hygiene product. A MADtv sketch on that theme from 2006 enjoyed an Internet renaissance. The imagined tagline? "The new Apple iPad! Please don't make us explain how it works."

Maybe they read my blog from yesterday? (I wish!) Read the full story here! :D


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