Monday, January 18, 2010

R.I.P Casper the Plymouth, England Cat!

It was a sad day to learn that one of my favorite stories from BBC news, which I wrote about a while ago, had a turn for the worst today. Unfortunately, our little Casper-the-bus-riding-Cat has passed away from a hit-and-run accident. There was also this saddening notice put up at Casper's regular bus stop:

"Many local people knew Casper, who loved everyone. He also enjoyed the bus journeys. Sadly a motorist hit him … and did not stop.

Casper died from his injuries. He will be greatly missed … he was a much-loved pet who had so much character. Thank you to all those who befriended him."

The bus driver who gladly shuttled Casper the cat around every day wrote this on a local website: "Hail to Casper the cat, I'll miss ya m8 ride in heaven."

I hope his new bus is tuna-filled and full of catnip and old friends that he may have lost in his life on earth. I will also miss Mr. Casper the Cat! Rest In Peace. Check out the original story of this one-of-a-kind cat here.


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