Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Chef'n | Tasteful Ingenuity

I fell in love with this Seattle-based company after I saw their vast collection of G'rabbit salt and pepper shakers, but they seemed a little too big for my taste (but now they have junior sizes - salt shaker in white above).

I came across the mini magnetic set with the bunny ears and they are just adorable. They were at "The Bay" when I was home in Canada last, so they seem to be both there and here in Norway.

They have won many awards, including the Reddot design awards for 2005 and 2007, for a few of their designs - and many other impressive awards that you can check out here.

It's weird because checking out the website, I realize how many other products I have seen on my travels and wanted to pick up as well. That says a lot!

They are the leaders in a wide range of different silicone products with a lot of colour choices for those who want to mix and match. They also have won pretty much every award for their "palm" products.

I personally love the "palmzester" as it would work wonders for bar drinks or for adding flavour to my Vietnamese soup! Mmmmm :D

Watch how easy it is to use one of these from their palm range at the end of this post! I think I will have to hunt down one of these along with many, many other things from the Chef'n company!

I could honestly talk for days about all the products they offer and how awesome each thing is, not to mention useful! I want those cute LeafShears! Oh to buy it all ;)

Check the site and see which retailers carry Chef'n in your area!


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