Sunday, January 17, 2010

Peppe's Gluten-Free Pizza!

This evening I steered away from the usual Dolly Dimple's gluten-free pizza to fill my face with Peppe's. It's so nice to walk into a restaurant and get fresh gluten-free anything or be able to have options off of the starters or appetizers list.

I heard that Svein Erik Renaa was rebuilding and changing up some things on their menu. I talked about his lovely restaurant not too long ago here.

I saw a couple of new items, but I wasn't too sure whether I got anything of his creation. At any rate, I really wish they focused more on the things he contributed to the menu - at least to begin with, to promote it a little better. I am a fan, but I was a little sad that I wasn't opening a cooler food list or something. They have been blasting it on the commercials like crazy here so I don't see why to stop the promotion there.

Upon searching up the pizza logo I came across a Peppe's Pizza "Pizza Bud" iPhone app that allows you to add the Peppe's internal delivery personnel. You get to a log-in screen where you also review your order before you sign and send! I want this!

This would be the worst drunk dial service for anyone - and for me, if I wasn't pregnant. Or maybe I will use this service more than ever now, who knows. I might accidentally need a crazy pizza grease fix and can't decide between 2 or 3 pizzas and end up ordering 23. Perhaps I could sign for a company discount if I ordered that much. Either way, I like this app and I love the pizza.

Just wish they promoted my new favorite cook a little more on the new menu, at least for another 6 months. :)


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