Monday, January 25, 2010

Florence + The Machine Present MusicDNA Files of the Future!

I've been digging on Florence + The Machine's "Lungs" album for some time now, and I recently found an article on MusicDNA files and how they will become the future and the new .mp3 files (and of course - introducing it with Florence ;)

Stefan Kohlmeyer, the chief executive of Bach Technology, stated "Out of a rusted old VW Beetle we are making a Ferrari". He also talked about the new way of getting information on your favourite artists with a much intimate approach. He added; "We are taking an existing idea, giving the end user a lot more and making that file much more valuable – like transforming a tiny house into a huge villa".

I love this idea!

MusicDNA files will not only contain music but bring together a range of artist information, from artwork and song lyrics to tour dates and Twitter feeds.

I think that is pretty exciting. With Florence + The Machine, when buying MusicDNA files from them, it allows you to access recent live shows, pore over artwork and sleeve notes, find out about concerts and buy a tour T-shirt - while being able to follow any blogs or tweets the musician might write.

I am actually really excited about this idea, and have no problems buying material if I have more access than someone who doesn't have something from that artist. It's like having a connection on a whole nutha' level! This could be the key to fight Piracy.

They are still undecided on which format they will create to work with interactive use. Some of the contestants are CMX, which is being supported by 4 major labels, while MXP4, another music tech company, has created a file that provides multimedia content as well as interactive music applications both similar to that of the iTunes format.

"Tom Silverman, the founder and CEO of Tommy Boy, said MusicDNA would provide a much-needed boost to artists and fans because it would connect the two long after the initial sale.

"It is a boon for fans as it can offer multiple levels of artist stuff based on the fan's passion level. It's a boon for labels because this high-value consumer experience is not clonable, yet highly viral, and gives them full content and pricing flexibility. Their imagination is their only limit … If MP3s were the cassette, MusicDNA will be the CD.""

I am very,very excited about this! What do you think of this development? You can read the full story from the UK Guardian here.

This is the future, I also think it will offer more jobs in the industry as each artist will have a lot of more things involved around them, including maintenance on many levels, not just album release and touring. It's more than that and quite in-depth now - and it maintains a link between artist and fan. Perhaps I can still have a dream job in the industry again!


While you are at it, and if you haven't listening to Florence + The Machine, you really should take a listen! I've included Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up). I love this song and not only because of the title ;)


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