Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chanel: The Bike of My Life ... or Another Life.

Well my top bike of choice (that is somewhat affordable) is a Paul Frank pink Scurvy cruiser, which I hope to get soon. The last time I received a bike was for my 9th birthday, pretty long ago, even though it was awesome in every way :D

Well, you might as well call me Chanelle Hermansen, because I can't seem to keep my mouth closed when it comes to anything Chanel, really. Especially when I laid eyes on this baby for the first time this evening.

My heart skipped a hopscotched beat, to think I could ride this bike in the perfect suburban gated community, because let's face it - anywhere else and someone would steal the little side bag or rip its precious skin of lovely material, I'm sure ...

I wonder if it is a good quality bike? I would hope they would only put their name on something of quality. I wonder if I will ever know? I am happy to know that I will get a new bike in time ...


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