Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fifth Gear = My New Favourite Show!

So, it seems odd, but every time I sit down to watch the television, Fifth Gear comes on - and I get to see the coolest, funniest car show on the British block! I can't get enough of this crew, as they race eachother and test and do solid reviews on new and old cars comparatively.

I have a mad crush on the oldest guy, Tiff Needell, as he has the jolliest of smiles - like a kid in a candy shop - while he drifts in his favourite rides. I felt their site was quite helpful with adequate car reviews. If you are looking to buy something, I highly recommend watching this show and checking the page out!

Here is a video of Tiff Needell reviewing our old Mazda RX8 before we sold it last summer (as we knew we would be moving soon and this particular car would surely be easier to sell in the summer). It was a sweet ride and we miss it. I called her the Black Widow! Watch his review below!


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