Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Best Gluten-Free Liquorice Toffee In The World!

Walkers Nonsuch Liquorice has just the right amount of toffee in the mix of this mouth-exploding treat! This toffee is made right in the heart of England and I am in love! *starts to sing a horrible rendition of Elton John's "Made in England" Woooh oh ohhh ohh!

Hands down the best snack after I lost my beloved Karamellpojkarna ("Caramel Kids" in Swedish) as they ceased to exist at the Stavanger movie theatre here in town. If anyone reads this - please bring them back or at least tell me where they could be hiding!

They are (were) available in liquorice caramel and straight up caramel, shown to the right.

I found it so hard finding a rich and tasty replacement for them, until I was at the local food shop and came across this God of a treat. Just like the package says; "Just Whack and Enjoy" - seriously.

Even though it's an old-fashioned treat, it's ahead of its time with gluten-free ingredients! Has anyone seen this product in North America? I believe you can purchase these goodies online. If liquorice isn't your fancy, try Walkers in their other old-fashioned toffee flavours! It's also great if you have a pesky tooth that you can't wait to get rid off as this will help speed the process ;)

If you can find either of these, I highly suggest eating them in heaps! :D

I will also bring some back with me so everyone at home can try it!




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