Thursday, August 6, 2009

Yes To Carrots!

Heck, Yes to carrots! I tried this product back home in Canada when I smothered myself in the "Yes to Carrots" body lotion. The smell of sweet potatoes, carrot and pumpkin juices, mega moisturizing essential oils with a touch of melon and of course, honey(!!!). It's hard for me to not eat my own arm off - it smells THAT good!

Being in Norway, I haven't come across any places that carry these natural, paraben-free products.

I finally found the "C you today C you in the morning" Moisturizing Day Cream and "C is for Clean" Gentle Exfoliating Cream online.

I have tried the most expensive products and I have to say, I love this line! You can get these products at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada or even Walmart for ridiculously cheap!

Say Yes to Carrots!

They also have "Yes to Tomatos" and "Yes to Cucumbers" depending on your skin needs :)

Bask yourself in it, or eat it! (Don't eat it ;)



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