Sunday, August 9, 2009

It's a Smart Universe!

So I now reveal to you *air drum roll* The Smart Car!!!

Yes! This is Ruben, the new addition to the family. This is the "Grandstyle" version of the Smart which is the best Smart model you can get with all the upgrades. It is also designed by the same folks at Mercedes-Benz, making it a pretty sweet ride.

The only thing I need in a car is leather-bound, heated seats (well - it's an important factor at least). I adore this colour and the drive is amazing!

I look pretty scared driving as the roads are extremely narrow in the countryside here. So narrow, you actually have little side "meeting places" once in a while to let traffic from the other direction pass.

Scary stuff when you aren't used to it.

This car is micro, so I think I drove like a champion. I even drove through my first secluded roundabout (it still counts!).

The car was also bought from a couple that moved here from New Orleans, Louisiana after hurricane Katrina. I wonder if they picked the colour of blood for a reason? It's fangbangin' sexay! ;[

Here is a picture of a very cool place we went to check out today. I will let you know of the location tomorrow! ;)



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