Monday, August 17, 2009

Major Parkinson : Greatest Unknown Band from Bergen

And I say "Unknown" - for now...

Major Parkinson is band of creative geniuses, if you ask me! I was shown this band about half a year ago when a friend of mine showed me a couple of songs - many a get-together later, my birthday comes along, for which he's bought me a copy and says; "Listen to it!!!". Thanks, Einar Moen, again - I always love our "listen to this" sessions ^_^!

This Bergen-based Norwegian band reminds me of a creepy carnival, that sucks you into the centre of the ring, with a rattle-me-bones kind of music. They have a dark and aged, but child-like sound, tangled through the salsa-styled beats. I love the muted guitars and everything! It is extremely Rocky Horror Picture Show but with even catchier songs!

The production on this album is so good, I had to see who produced it - and of course it is produced by renowned Sylvia Massy, who also has worked with artists such as Tool, Johnny Cash and System Of A Down.

On August 25, 2008, Major Parkinson (MySpace) released the self-titled debut "Major Parkinson", to pretty sweet reviews in the Norwegian media, but they need more exposure and recognition in North America! Get your butts over there, you guys!

Jon Ivar Kollbotn has a wicked voice and has a way of telling stories of love, sex, murder, soda pop and toys ;) How is this band not signed on a major label yet? I can't wait to see them live! Come to Stavanger too!

You can buy the album on iTunes, and Platekompaniet and they are awesome enough to give you an album preview here.

Here is a video from their song "197"

Enjoy it!



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