Monday, August 3, 2009

The Pink Robots: Norway

Hailing all the way from Bergen, Norway - The Pink Robots are a pretty cool sounding band with loads of potential. I am pretty sure they are super young too...

They sound different, and really caught my attention this past weekend, on radio NRK P3 station.

I think they got some simple, but sick, synth sounds and I just love the clean aggressiveness they convey in their ultra pop sound. I personally think their music video ruins the essence and mysteriousness of them (if there was any).

I hope they rock out a proper good video soon. Maybe this video is so bad that it's good? Yeah, I'll give them that :) The beats are quite simple but catchy and the lyrics aren't anywhere close to deep but it's good driving beats!

They have a sound extremely similar to that of The Lovemakers from California (click it and LOVE them!) with the whole male/female counterparts down to a science (Lovemakers, making - to the left).

LISTEN to The Pink Robots below ;) Check out the official video on their myspace. (The first link up top)

There's something about these kids!



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