Saturday, August 29, 2009

Freia: The Best Tasting Norwegian Chocolate, Ever!

Some of you already know what I am talking about. This is the crack of all chocolates. Even though I have a rough stomach, sometimes you just have to make an exception ...

My close friends and family have tried this decadent treat and have acquired quite the addiction for them as well. Don't worry family, I've got your back and I'll bring the stash home ;)

Also, I highly suggest not taking a huge load of these on your carry-on. Last Christmas I had tinfoil-wrapped Santas to give away and I was pulled aside by the US airport security because they thought I was carrying weapons ... Yes, they waste all their energy and time on me. I think they just wanted to know why I was carrying vast amounts of chocolate gold. They probably wanted to bust my ass and take them for their lunch break, but it was Christmas and they let me off easy.

This chocolate is dangerously good. They even have little Norwegian fairytale chocolates with stories written inside of the wrapping. While opening the package, you may discover that a carved out magical castle awaits you! Eating it makes you feel like a prince or princess ... unless you eat serious amounts of them, then you might just get sick.

Kraft owns the Freia franchise so I hope one day they come to Canadaland!



SockBoy said...

It's true, this chocolate is delicious. Glad to hear there's more coming with you! :)

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