Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Rosina Wachtmeister : Ich Bin Verliebt =^..^=

Rosina Wachtmeister is an awesome Austrian artist who is well known for her Brazilian inspired art and sculptures. I discovered her work last fall while touring around town.

I spotted the golden Picasso-inspired faces in the window eying me as if they were conning me to come into the store and take at least one of them home :)

I came out with these two lovely tea mugs (as that is the only use they have for moi - pictured on the right) I love how she added the golden rim atop the cup. Makes me feel like royalty :)

I have been wanting to adopt an actual Rosina sculpture for quite some time. I am getting closer. I can sense them near! Meeoooow! Rosina has teamed up with Goebel making some quality craftsmanship come to life, with inspiration from her paintings. Key pieces range from vases to teapots (melts!) to über cute plushes!

Rosina Wachtmeister, keep up that amazing work!

Check out her lovely paintings and sculptures here. :)



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