Saturday, August 1, 2009

Warm Hugs on Cold Summer Days :)

Hot chocolate usually runs a bit too sweet for my taste buds to savor, so I have basically stopped enjoying this truly comforting drink. I was out shopping yesterday, saw a snazzy container marked "Hot Choc Dark" - and thought; Mmmmmm! I love Belgian chocolate!

Being of Belgian decent, I was a little biased to try this new hot chocolate anyways ;)

I always worry when they use artificial sugars and flavorings as I get crazy headaches from anything unnatural, pretty much - but I found my ultimate best 100% pure and natural dark Belgian chocolate! :)

Like it says on the tin packaging, it's "pure indulgence!" It's true brilliance in a can! I mix it up with my lactose-free milk (I know, but my tummy can't handle regular milk).

They are actually little chocolate chips that you melt in your hot milk, and then stir it up till it's a delicious hot cocoa beverage.

Serve and enjoy all the tasty Belgian hugs within a cup!

This "Hot Choc" is also available in Canada! (woot!)

Try it! You'll love it!



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