Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wolford : The Fatal Dress!

I have been working here at Wolford in Stavanger, Norway, from time to time and I must say; I have become a product of my environment ;) I cannot tell you how lux this clothing line is. I have never seen such intricate patterns within one pair of tights in all my existence.

I have recently become a huge fan of the "Fatal" dress. Yes - guilty as charged! As I own it in 3 colours and would love more (that is disgusting, I know) but you can do SO many things with this tube body (check out how to wear it in 3 ways below).

I also am a huge fan of their tights and lingerie. I first heard about them about 3 years ago, trying to find wool stockings. I came across a beautiful pair of merino wool that I never purchased, but now - if I could go back in time - I would have bought 5, knowing what I know now.

Once you go Wolford, you can't go back. Yes, it is a little on the expensive side but one pair of tights will last you a decade. I am a huge clutz and I am still rocking out my first purchase - hole-free.

In these series of pictures, I am wearing the Fatal dress in "Seal" colour and "Grit" tights in "Desert". Yes I love the graveyard. The stones set off cool grey tones and we are all friends. ;)

Wolford is an Austrian-based fashion house and you can read up on their history here.

If you are in the Stavanger area I HIGHLY suggest coming in and trying on a dress or perhaps add a wicked pair of tights to your collection. If you are in Canada they do have a location in Toronto.

Try a perfect shade of mazarine blue which is a sexy shade for this fall season!

A perfect example is the "Luisa" dress pictured to the right.

You'll be a changed woman (or man) once you try on a Wolford piece. Trust me. ;)



Cait said...

Backwards arms in picture one!

Pretty eye makeup, stellar!

Unknown said...

Well, I guess it's a DEAD give away that I live in the graveyard with such zombie-like arms. ;)


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