Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Making Some Saturday Night Sounds!

So when the creative juices are flowing, I am lucky enough to be able to catch a ferry boat over to little town of Tou and work with Einar Moen - a good friend of mine who also works on music for Tristania - making him über talented to work with!

We are currently working on an old track of mine called "Let You In" and a new track inspired by old Victorian love stories. I promise to post something once it's finished and proper good ;)

Here are a couple of pictures from the night in the studio booth! Any studio has always been a place of comfort to me, making me feel like home :)

In other news - my Moods of Norway birthday dress finally came in! (Yay!) And it actually has long sleeves unlike the last one I returned. This one is even better! (Me in my Moods, paired with 100% Australian Ugg Cardy's straight from Victoria's Secret as there are a million fake ones out there!)

I will talk about how to spot fakes of those sometime soon! The copies are becoming too good!



Jay said...

So where are the sound snippets of this recording? I wanna hear it.

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