Monday, August 24, 2009

Röyksopp: What Else Is There?

I know this song is older, but I love it so much! If you don't already know the brilliance of Röyksopp, they are a Norwegian-based band out of Bergen that you have to check out - seriously. It's for your own good - I promise! ;)

The video is so brilliant, and the freaky thing is; it mimic's A LOT of my dreams (except the spilled milk part). I am a ghost most of the time, floating in my old houses and places I have been and have never seen ... yet :)

It features Swedish singer Karin Andersson from the most amazing electro duo "The Knife", and also her recent side project "Fever Ray".

You MUST watch this video! The song is beautiful and I haven't seen such a masterpiece of a video since.




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