Thursday, August 20, 2009

Donkeyboy? I'm Melodically Hooked!

I've tried everything, but I seriously cannot get this insanely catchy song out of my head! Donkeyboy hailing alllll the way from Drammen, Norway is the next best thing since A-Ha, in my opinion. This group consists of 5 guys, 2 of whom are the prettiest of boys in Nordicland.

They have one song out right now called "Ambitions", as they are working in the studio to make more stick-in-your-head-forever-tunes. This single features vocals from Linnea Dale, who surprisingly has a lower pitch than the male voices in this particular tune.

I can't wait to hear more from these pretty boys!

They have an official video, which isn't so bad, but I didn't think it was cool enough for the song, so I just posted a Youtube picture/video for higher quality listening purposes :)

Get it stuck in your head now!



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