Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dr Stuart's: Extraordinarily Good Teas!

After a long day of running in and out of places , through the long, cold downpour outside, I needed a pick-me-up when I got home today. Well, as a tea connoisseur, I am always looking for exciting, new teas to try.

"Dr Stuart promises that every asterisked herb is of the highest quality medicinal grade"

Wow!" I said to myself. I must admit the packaging got to me and I loved every bit of the humour wrapped around the very boxes this extraordinary tea lives in. The art is quite dark, with Tim Burton-esque characters that are quirky enough to blow up to display on my wall!

I usually like the taste of loose teas better, but I got these, because I just want something quick and easy - and it turns out that they're just as good. The two that I have tried so far are both surprisingly awesome and delish!

I loved the lady on the "Detox" box opening her perfect 50's style washing machine for a gut to "Spruce up your insides". The love and berry fruity passion between "Cranberry & Raspberry" I couldn't deny and had to try! ;)

I love these flavours! I hope these will be available over the pond sometime if they aren't already. It seems to be only available in the UK where these herbal remedies are packaged, but they're now available here in Norway as well :)

Dr Stuart also has Extraordinarily Good Herb Candies! I'm on the hunt to find those! If you are on the go and have no time to brew, you can get your hands on Dr Stuart's New Ready-To-Drink Teas as well :D

I think you'll fancy a cup of this tea-riffic drink!



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