Monday, August 10, 2009

Utstein Kloster : The Abbey of Utstein

As I said I would tell you where I hung out yesterday! Well, it's been firmly established that I have an obsession for graveyards and old Gothic architectural buildings.

So, since I am not much of a churchgoer but it was indeed a Sunday, I checked into the Abbey of Utstein - mentioned historically going all the way back to the 9th century!

It was cited as King Harold Fairhair's garrison after the Battle of Hafrsfjord.

The construction started around the year of 1260, although some parts are actually older and from the royal farm that used to be on the same site.

The Abbey housed about 12 monks, they think, but had a huge number of servants managing the farmland around them. I took a picture of this little sitting area, (right) as I could imagine a monk to monk conversation, swapping secrets on how to get their robes the cleanest and fade-resistant.

Now they use the Abbey as a great concert venue and for other special events out of museum hours.

Can I live here after museum hours?

I want this organ in my room! I'll be Bach! ;)



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