Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Annie: Don't Stop!

I've been listening to this girl for quite some time, even though she dropped of the radar for a while - but trust you me - Annie's back - and she's not going anywhere but up!

This Norwegian electropop star brings out the fat beats and all around amazingness (yes - it's a word :) with her all new "Don't Stop" album release.

Her single release of "Songs Remind Me of You" is off the chain (can't believe I used that term) and the whole album is tight! Her melodies are addicting and massive in the production department.

I love those CDs where you can place them in a row, cover up, and the picture from the one cover will match up to the next. So it's one big Annie fest on the new release section of any record shop. I bought the mp3 version of this release, which was quite cost efficient!

She even has a song with a chorus that just goes "What do you want? What do want for Breakfast?!". It's stuck in my mind as if I used crazy glue for shampoo this morning! Still - a great song :)

If you like singers like Swedish sensation Robyn, you must check out Annie's other work and her latest masterpiece!

Watch her wonderfully catchy electro-fabulous single "Songs Remind Me of You" below!


Ole-Richard said...

Annie - The greatest hit is the only annie song you need to know :p

oh look at the time..
its fun on the nigth shift

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