Thursday, October 8, 2009

Berlin Zoo!

After watching a rerun of Oprah, I felt compelled to write about animals, as her show was full of amazing, wild animals who'd become domesticated - like Casey and his bear Brutus! ... and the family who raised the hippopotamus , named Jessica.

I thought; "Hey, I haven't talked about the Berlin Zoo yet!". It was such an amazing experience, as you could get quite close to a lot of the animals there.

We got to see the star of the park, polar bear Knut, who was born in the park and seemed extremely funny and domesticated. I loved him :)

I also pet a penguin! I think they knew I was a little hesitant, as one in particular swam around and came up from the water right where I was standing, to allow me to pet his back while he kept afloat on the surface. They are wonderfully soft and friendly. :)

Berlin Zoo holds an insane amount of mammals, reptiles, insects and aquatic life (all species really).

It's insane to see such beautiful creatures exist, even deep, deep in the blue sea. The jellyfish below is like a flying mushroom that could exist in "Alice in Wonderland".

I personally loved the active and adorable little Sand Dune Cat (I wanted to take him home) and the beautiful lions with a roar powerful enough to resonate and distort the sound in the camera (not to mention my chest), as if I had tied a subwoofer to it and cranked it past 11 ;)

I post a video below, where you see me mouth "holy shit" - because it was insane! I understand you won't get the same effect, but I am sure you can imagine how powerful these cats are :)

I highly suggest visiting Berlin Zoo, as it has the most animals and different species from around the world housed within one zoo. Oh! I had a lovely conversation with this seal. I call her Saddie Daisy.


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