Saturday, October 3, 2009

Laura Secord: Depuis Since 1913

Laura Secord was a heroine of the war of 1812. She was actually born in Massachusetts, but her father, Thomas Ingersoll moved across the border to Canada in 1795. Which is why the town of Ingersoll in Ontario is named after his family! :)

She married James Secord who, unfortunately, was injured in the war of 1812. Laura learned of the surprise attack on troops led by British Lieutenant James Fitzgibbon at Beaver Dams, which would have furthered American control in the Niagara Peninsula. Since her husband James was still injured from the last October, she set out the next morning and walked 30km to warn James Fitzgibbon herself ...

There is a lot of history of this wonderful woman and why she was honoured the way she was. Unfortunately, while she was alive she didn't recieve too much recognition. By the time she was 85, King Edward VII heard of her story while travelling to Canada and gave her £100 for her efforts. I have yet to visit her homestead on the Niagara River, which is now an official house museum. It's on my list of things to do!

Cutting wonderful Laura Secord history short - I found these amazing chocolates for Halloween (the company named after her, in her honour) which are chocolate eyeballs with different eye colours! (Right- Sporting David Bowie shades;)

The unsettling thing is that they do seem to be around the same size as a REAL eyeball. Maybe someone did their homework... ;)

Anyways, I had one of these melt-in-your-mouth chocolates, as I usually cannot have chocolates (giving me headache city) - and my very own eyeballs started to hurt! Coincidence? Eye think not!

Despite my usual chocolate problem, I could eat about 4 sets of eyes, they are that tasty!

Try other Canadian Laura Secord treats! She has the best maple and minty things!

Mmmm... Miss home already!


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