Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"This Is It" - My Michael Jackson Movie Review

It's bittersweet, really. The most talented man I have not ever met in my life, and never will, was brought to screen for us all to witness this evening.

Although there are many people working for Michael, all different jobs delegated to the right people, MJ was 100% involved in all the right tempos and pauses of songs. He loves the "simmer" and was so honest - but very helpful as well.

He also involved his down-to-earth nature to the CGI animation of all the backdrop videos for each of his songs. I thought it was so amazing that he had these soldiers doing wicked dance moves, as it had a WWI vibe to it, for "They Don't Care About Us".

Also - "Thriller" with the big back widow and Michael coming out with all these dancing brides and grooms all around. I found it very symbolic, like - yeah, Michael was really eaten by the black widow. Did you know that some variants of the black widow eat the males after mating?

He is just brilliant and I felt like I got it. And the "Earth Song" with the little girl and what Michael thought would be more powerful at the end with no music but the sound of the bulldozer.

Mr. Jackson was trying to bring forth Earth awareness. He was just a kind and loving person, perhaps with a little dash of ADD and childish ways as he sucks on a lollipop while recording a scene for his show.

I've never seen so many amazing dance moves in tiny milliseconds that would just be thrown in here and there. He was so involved and so intricate and nitpicked every detail. He knew what everyone was doing and when and where everything needed to be. Everything was on MJ's cue. Just ... wow.

I can't wait to watch this movie again, but it does bring back a little sadness of such an amazing soul, gone. Although we've never met, his spirit lives on through all of us, as he showcased so much talent in those 2 short hours of the movie.

I hope you all enjoy it and cherish this film. It was beautiful. Also, that 24 year-old guitarist "Orianthi" is going to be huge sensation, and MJ has definitely helped her get her lime shine on, not to mention she is über talented.

We love you, and miss you Michael! Your brilliance will live on, and inspire us to be better.


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