Friday, October 23, 2009

Nice, France!

Speaking of French aprons, France is my number one travel destination. I've only been there twice, but I loved it. I was in Nice this past April, and I just love all the colours the city is made up of.

I've never seen so many dog owners and even expensive Michelin Guide Star restaurants like L'Univers (amazing food and gluten-free) allow dogs to sit in during dinner.

This appeared totally normal as the dogs were everywhere (which was fantastic)! I think a lady got upset with me talking to her dog, as her puppy seemed to get quite excited. I wanted to interact secretly from the other table.

I've never walked into an exclusive department store where, while you try and test perfumes, a random dog comes up and sits beside you - giving you a sniff of approval. Good Puppy!

That is what sold me to my summer perfume fragrance Valentino's Rock and Rose lighter version called "Pret-a-porter" which is juicy, light, vanilla fresh and sweet. Mmmm :D

I took this picture of the center of Nice at night. As these men changed colours, it reminded me of the blue guy (Dr. Manhattan) from "The Watchmen" comics/movie.

There is also a video where I sing "I'm blue dobba dee dobba da" ... but yeah, save that video gold for another day ;)

The tiny country and city of Monaco was insane and perfect. I was car watching the whole time, as the locals drive their beefed up Porsches, Bentleys, Lamborghinis, Ferraris and brands I have never heard of, as they are that exclusive and expensive.

Locals who work there commute from Nice, or one of the smaller villages, to Monaco to work every day, because hardly anyone can afford to live there (only 33.000 people do). It's a dream world that is far away from anyone - lots of old money there :)

P.S if you take a long walk and own Madrid Berks sandals, count on swollen feet. Yikes!

Paris is beautiful and the city is wonderful to visit - I do love the fashion capital - but I see myself going back to the south of France again soon. Where else is there a carousel in the middle of the city to ride on?

Not to mention that The French Quarter in Louisiana seemed highly inspired by Nice - and of course, many French settled there, so it was also very much like New Orleans or should I say N'awlins was more like Nice :D

Perhaps renting a car and touring the countryside, driving over to Italy. Yeah, I think that sounds pretty :)


Fonda LaShay said...

just saw they have a hourly EL car rental in Nice..

How was the shopping? We need to pick where to go on vacation soon!

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