Friday, October 16, 2009

There, There My Asian Pear!

I had no idea there was such thing as this apple-looking pear. Instead of being softer, like the common pear, this is firm and extremely apple-like. They have know as apple pear, salad pear, sand pear, nashi, Japenese or Chinese pear. The Japanese type of Asian pear called 20th Century or Nijisseki is the most popular within North America.

I find the taste isn't as pearish as the usual ones, much more crisp when you bite. These magic pears also have many benefits! Asian pears are known for keeping well. Store pears for a week at room temperature or up to three months in the refrigerator.

Like Pomegranate, the Asian pear is great for weight loss in the good ol' healthy way, containing dietary fiber :) One of these pears is full of Vitamins B and C. Great for gaining energy, which boosts the metabolism - and vitamin C is also great if you can't have too many acidic fruits because of sensitive stomach (like the orange).

These fruits also claim they help with red blood cell production and hastrointestinal health. A great candidate for easy digestion. I suggest adding this lovely fruit to your diet :)


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