Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jessie Steele Aprons!

Jessie Steele has been featured since 2004 in Elle magazine, and once got the Big "O"k from Oprah on must-haves in the kitchen. Jessie's beautiful pieces have appeared in Desperate Housewives and many articles since then.

I have been searching for a perfect apron with little success when my friend Miss Fonda showed me a couple on a site, after explaining to her exactly what type of apron I was longing for.

Leave it to Beaver, I was in Pleasentville! Later that evening it had me obsessively looking high and low for other styles. I've been wanting a really flattering fit for an apron and it seems that I have succeeded, buying one that was very Parisian/French toile inspired.

Being in love with everything French, it seemed fitting :) Oui, Oui? Whoever sells crêpes filled with Nutella in Paris as "street meat" - you have my heart forever, amoure. Too bad I can't have the glutenous ones anymore ;)

I should really talk about the trip to Nice I took this past April. Perhaps tomorrow.

Check out Jessie Steele's Fall/Holiday 2009 collection. She also makes an array of matching oven mitts and tea towels. There's even collections for men, as well as for your little helpers - with mini versions (children's sizes) of the original aprons. Steele is also branching out to Hair Salon aprons which makes me want to cut hair, even though I would be über awful at it!

Jessie Steele brings a lovely, ultra flirty, cute take on the classic apron into your home. Featuring pretty bows and frills, you'll want to wear them out as dresses ... if only they weren't backless ;)

Making dinner in the kitchen has never been sexier!


Fonda Douglass said...

love them! glad you found one you like!!

Ina said...

How cute! I think "profesional shopper" should be added to your little blurb in the side bar :)

By the way, I had no idea you were a makeup artist!

Unknown said...

Yeah, I have been set on finding a good one of these!

As far as makeup artist goes, I am not really an active one here, but worked on a couple portfolios in the summer time in Canada for my friend, so that was nice to do. :D


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